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VYS0035 | The Weird Review of the Year 2023 Pt.2 - Show Notes

Concluding their post-mortem of the bloated carcass of 2023 looking for any residual traces of weirdness Hine and Buckley witness it hurtling from June to December like a reckless driver, drunk on curiosity, swerving to avoid a shadowy figure that was never there, crashing through the windshield of wanton deception to land face down and muttering incoherently on the cold, hard tarmac of truth.

As they accompany this moribund year through the bardo they encounter David Grusch and Ryan Graves giving dubious, testimony about their UAP encounters, an unexplained encounter at the bottom of a well, a Russian man drilling into his own skull to try to control his dreams, a couple of dry little guys being dragged out before the Mexican Congress and the threat of desecration to a 30-year-old Vayse sacred text... (recorded 15 January 2024)

Thanks as always to Keith for the show notes - give him a follow on bluesky: @peakflow.bsky.social

Again, most of the news stories in this episode were sourced from the strange and unusal website: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/ - bookmark it and check it for your daily does of weird.

Walken’s Intro

Christopher Walken - Wikipedia

June 2023

Grusch blows his whistle

Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin - The Debrief
US conducted ‘multi-decade’ secret UFO program, ex-intelligence official says - The Guardian
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) - Wikipedia
National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) - Wikipedia
All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) - Wikipedia
David Grusch UFO whistle-blower claims - Wikipedia
Stanford professor says aliens are ‘100 per cent’ on earth, US is ‘reverse-engineering downed UFOs’ -News.com
Diana Walsh Pasulka - Wikipedia
To the Stars (company) - Wikipedia
Extra-terrestrial UFO hypothesis - Wikipedia
Interdimensional UFO hypothesis - Wikipedia
Psychosocial UFO hypothesis - Wikipedia
UFO "Whistleblower" Has Suspiciously Close Ties to the Usual Suspects - Jason Colavito
Weird Reads with Emily Louise - YouTube
Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs by Mark Pilkington - Goodreads
Jeremy Corbell - Wikipedia
George Knapp (television journalist) - Wikipedia
Harold E. ‘Hal’ Puthoff - Wikipedia
Remote viewing - Wikipedia

Scientists create synthetic human embryos

Synthetic human embryos created in ground-breaking advance - The Guardian
Artificial intelligence - Wikipedia
What are ‘non-human biologics’? - HITC
Jeremy Corbell on Twitter

Trail cam catches half-naked ‘witches’ in deer carcass ‘eating ritual’

Woman's horror as wildlife cam catches "naked witches hosting carcass-eating ritual" - The Mirror
The viral deer-eating “witches” that aren’t - The Wild Hunt
Wendigo - Wikipedia
Skin walker - Wikipedia
Powell River, British Columbia - Wikipedia
Scantily clad "witches" caught munching on deer carcass in bizarre security cam footage - Fox News
Satanic panic - Wikipedia

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VYS0023 | Mercurial, Mutable, Mysterious Something - Vayse to Face with Paul Weston

July 2023

Grusch and Graves give testimony at Congressional Hearing on UFOs

UFO hearings: whistle-blower David Grusch says ‘non-human biologics’ found at alleged crash sites - The Guardian
US government "hiding crucial information" about UFOs, says ex-Navy pilot who claims he saw them - Sky News
Who is Ryan Graves? - Yahoo News
Transcript of Ryan Graves’ testimony - House Oversight Committee
Americans for Safe Aerospace (ASA) website
Big, Red UFO Hovered over Vandenberg in 2003, Congressional Witness Testifies - The Independent
The Simulation Hypothesis by Rizwan Virk - Goodreads
Are we living in a computer simulation? I don’t know. Probably. (interview with Rizwan Virk) - Vox
Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security by Robert Guffey - Goodreads
Text-based game - Wikipedia
Military simulation - Wikipedia
Uses of VR in Military Training - Future Visual
Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam Makes Today’s Conspiracy Theories Look Sane - All That’s Interesting
Explaining Watchmen's Giant Squid - Nerdist
Rapture - Wikipedia
Baby Looks Away From Me: A Sign of Overstimulation or Just Normal? - Mommy Cooz

Man claims to have performed brain surgery on himself

Researcher claims to have implanted chip into his brain which he hopes can control his dreams - Lad Bible
Lucid dream - Wikipedia
The Sopranos, Pine Barrens episode: Valery Escapes - YouTube
Happiness In Slavery, Music video - Wikipedia
Nine Inch Nails - Happiness In Slavery (Uncensored Music Video) - Internet Archive
This is a link to the first minute and a half, which doesn’t contain any gruesome stuff: Nine Inch Nails: Happiness is Slavery Music Video - YouTube
Neuralink - Wikipedia
Black+Decker - Wikipedia
Trepanning - Wikipedia
Ghostbusters - The hole Egon tried to drill in his head

Our bears are not humans in suits, says Chinese zoo

Chinese zoo denies its bears are humans in costume - Sky News
Sun Bear - Wikipedia
China zoo "tries to pass dog off as wolf"- BBC News
Chinese zoo angers visitors by passing off hairy Tibetan mastiff dog as lion - CNN
Egyptian zoo denies their 'zebra' is a donkey after photo goes viral - Sky News

Vayse episodes in July

VYS0024 | Between Being Real and Not Real - Vayse to Face with Nathan Paul Isaac
VYS0025 | Truth with a Capital "T" - Vayse to Face with Sequoyah Kennedy

August 2023

Loch Ness Monster mega-hunt takes place

Record-breaking hunt for the Loch Ness Monster is now underway - Unexplained Mysteries
Hundreds join huge search for Loch Ness Monster - BBC News
Loch Ness Monster - Wikipedia
Two Great Beasts: Aleister Crowley And the Loch Ness Monster - Spooky Isles
St. Columba and the Loch Ness Monster - National Catholic Register
Snakes in mythology - Wikipedia
Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting - Wikipedia
Robert Kenneth Wilson (The Loch Ness surgeon’s photograph)
Lake monster - Wikipedia
Toward a Unifying Theory of Lake Monsters - Atlas Obscura
Egregore - Wikipedia
What Are Ultra-terrestrials? - Curiosmos
Kelpie - Wikipedia
Is Bigfoot a Forest Spirit? - Exemplore
The Sacred Magic of Boleskine: The Rite that Brought Aleister Crowley to Boleskine House - Journal of the Boleskine House Foundation

Nibiru fails to destroy Earth

Conspiracy Theorist Has An "Explanation" After Nibiru Failed To Destroy Earth Last Week - IFL Science
Nibiru cataclysm (doomsday scenario) - Wikipedia
Planets beyond Neptune: Planet X (the 1906 search for a trans-Neptunian planet) - Wikipedia
Planet Nine (hypothetical planet first suggested in 2014) - Wikipedia
Pluto: Classification - Wikipedia
Another Earth - Wikipedia
Another Earth Official HD Trailer - YouTube
Melancholia (2011 film) - Wikipedia
Melancholia Official Trailer - YouTube
A Winged Star, The Nibiru Conspiracy, And Lazy Pseudoscience - Forbes

Tourists…in space!

Virgin Galactic takes first tourists to edge of space - Sky News
Virgin Galactic - Wikipedia
Blue Origin - Wikipedia
The World's Billionaires - Wikipedia
Titan submersible implosion - Wikipedia
Every SpaceX Starship explosion (up to April 2023) and what Elon Musk and his team learned from them (incl. videos) - Space.com
SpaceX’s second Starship flight test ends in an explosion minutes after launch (Nov 2023) - The Verge
SpaceX buys parachute manufacturer Pioneer Aerospace - Space.com
Space: the final frontier for the planet’s wealthiest? - Open Democracy

Uri Geller shares image of ‘probably real’ naked pregnant female alien

Uri Geller unveils photo of naked alien - Jerusalem Post
Geller’s naked alien tweet, Aug 23, 2023
Whitley Strieber’s ‘could be a puppet’ tweet, Aug 23, 2023
Here’s a thing about Richard Doty that not many know… - Reddit
Uri Geller shares ‘proof’ Aliens exist, fans quickly point out it's photo from X-Files - Gaming Bible
Geller’s Twitter response to X-Files fans’ claims, Aug 16, 2023
Whitley Strieber on Facebook

Vayse episodes in August

On hiatus (allegedly).

September 2023

Maussan unveils ‘alien mummies’ in Mexico

"Alien corpses" unveiled in Mexico linked to 5-year-old "hoax" - Indy100
LIVE / Public Assembly for the Regulation of Unidentified Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (Spanish with English subtitles) - YouTube
Palpa, Peru - Wikipedia
Nazca - Wikipedia
Jaime Maussan - Wikipedia
National Autonomous University of Mexico - Wikipedia
Papier-mâché - Wikipedia
Fortean Times - Wikipedia

NASA releases 33-page UAP report after year-long study

NASA says more science and less stigma are needed to understand UFOs - AP News
Mark McInerney - Wikipedia
Simons Foundation - Wikipedia

Hacker McKinnon criticises NASA’s stance on aliens

Scot who hacked top US agencies looking for evidence of UFOs slams NASA’s claim that they don’t exist - The Scottish Sun
Gary McKinnon - Wikipedia

AI could detect alien life

Scientists created AI that could detect alien life — and they're not entirely sure how it works - Live Science
Did life exist on Mars? Other planets? With AI's help, we may know soon - Eureka Alert

Mystery of ‘Juanita’ trapped in a well

Fire crew attempts to rescue vanishing "ghost" woman from bottom of well - Unexplained Mysteries
Ghost in Saltillo? They hear a woman asking for help in a well, they go down to rescue her and find no-one - Zocalo

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VYSTS2 - Vayse Season 2 Trailer
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October 2023

Simulated universe hypothesis proven?

Could a new law of physics support the idea we're living in a computer simulation? - Phys.org
The second law of infodynamics and its implications for the simulated universe hypothesis - AIP Publishing
University of Central Lancashire - Wikipedia
Second law of thermodynamics - Wikipedia
Technological singularity - Wikipedia
The Importance of Symmetry: Does symmetry lie at the route of all modern theories? - Naked Scientists
Fundamentals of Game Design: Game Worlds - Peachpit
Piaget's theory of cognitive development - Wikipedia
Melody Burning by Whitley Strieber (published 2011) - Goodreads

Results of British paranormal survey revealed

One in Twenty Brits Believe their Office is Haunted - Spooky Mrs Green
Paramount+ - Wikipedia

Robo-dogs now capable of speech

Boston Dynamics teaches robo-dog to recognise speech, respond using ChatGPT - The Register
Making Chat (ro)Bots - Boston Dynamics, YouTube
ChatGPT - Wikipedia

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VYS0028 | Psychic Jizz - Vayse to Face with Stephanie Quick
VYS0029 | If There's Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood - Vayse to Face to Face with Field Lines Cartographer and Bob Freeman: Halloween 2023

November 2023

Virgin Mary statue weeps in Mexico church

‘Miracle’ Virgin Mary statue is ‘weeping’ at Mexico church -The Independent
Mexico: Weeping Virgin: Pilgrims and Skeptics Flock to See Virgin Mary Statue's Mysterious Tears - HIYP, YouTube
Colima (city) - Wikipedia
Karl Pilkington - Wikipedia

Lucid dreams on demand

Scientists Are Researching a Device That Can Induce Lucid Dreams On Demand - Slashdot
It Uses A.I. It Goes on Your Head. Can It Induce Lucid Dreams? - Slate.com
Lucid dream - Wikipedia

Head of Pentagon UFO office resigns

Head of Pentagon's UFO office is stepping down after just 18 months - Unexplained Mysteries
Sean M. Kirkpatrick - Wikipedia

Return of the ‘alien mummies’

Mexican Congress holds second UFO session featuring Peruvian mummies - Yahoo News

Patrolman confirms ‘red square’ UFO sighting

Air Force officer goes public with terrifying UFO encounter – ‘It’s coming right for us’ - Metro

David Grusch is interviewed by Joe Rogan

Ex-US Intelligence Officer Claims US Is Hiding 'Variety' Of Alien Bodies From The World - Mashable India

Vayse episodes in November

VYS0030 | To Believe or Not to Believe - Vayse to Face with Emily Louise
VYS0031 | The Truman Show? - Vayse to Face with Willow Truman

December 2023

Tesla unveils egg-handling humanoid robot

Tesla unveils its latest humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2, in demo video - Ars Technica

Scientists create AI death predictor

New AI can predict people’s time of death with high degree of accuracy, study finds - The Independent
ChatGPT - Wikipedia
Emmett Brown - Wikipedia
Desmond Hume - Wikipedia

X-Files reboot confirmed

Disney’s New X-Files Series Confirmed to Be in Development, Ryan Coogler Will Produce - MSN
The X-Files - Wikipedia

Film milestone anniversaries in 2023

Jurassic Park (film) - Wikipedia
Jurassic Park (1993) Official Trailer #1 - YouTube
Beetlejuice - Wikipedia
Beetlejuice (1988) Trailer #1 - YouTube
Die Hard - Wikipedia
Die Hard (1988) Trailer #1 - YouTube
Halloween (1978 film) - Wikipedia
Halloween (1978) Trailer #1 - YouTube
The Exorcist - Wikipedia
The Exorcist | 4K Ultra HD Official Trailer; Warner Bros., YouTube
2001: A Space Odyssey - Wikipedia
2001: A Space Odyssey | 4K Trailer

TV and film milestone anniversaries in 2024

The Sopranos - Wikipedia
The Sopranos - Trailer (1999) - YouTube
True Detective (season 1) - Wikipedia
True Detective - Season 1: Trailer - YouTube
Ghostbusters - Wikipedia
Ghostbusters (1984) Trailer #1 - YouTube
Shaun of the Dead - Wikipedia
Shaun of the Dead Official Trailer #1 - YouTube
The Matrix - Wikipedia
The Matrix (1999) Official Trailer #1 - YouTube
Fight Club - Wikipedia
Fight Club (1999) Trailer #1 - YouTube
American Beauty (1999 film) - Wikipedia
American Beauty (1999) Trailer #1
The Crow (1994 film) - Wikipedia
The Crow (1994) Official Trailer - YouTube
This Is Spinal Tap - Wikipedia
This is Spinal Tap (1984) Trailer #1 - YouTube
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Wikipedia
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Official Trailer - YouTube
Gremlins - Wikipedia
Gremlins (1984) Official Trailer #1
The Terminator - Wikipedia
The Terminator (1984) Official Trailer - YouTube

Vayse episodes in December

VYS0032 | O Buddha, Where Art Thou? - Vayse to Face with Roger Jayamanne
VYS0033 | Battle-Owl vs Sci-fi Centipede - Vayse to Face with Loren Fetterman

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Buckley’s Closing Question

“Modern Men Like Brevity Above All Things” - Facsimile Finder