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VYS0034 | The Weird Review of the Year 2023 Pt.1 - Show Notes

2023 was a weird year, a slightly frightening year, a year dominated by UAPs becoming ever more unidentified, AIs becoming ever more intelligent, the Military–industrial complex becoming ever more complex and human beings becoming ever more fucking stupid. In this first part of the second annual Weird Review of the Year, Hine takes Buckley on a fevered journey through the haunted forest of the memories of the year that was, stopping along the way to point out the many strange lights in the sky, the fierce black leopards in the long grass, and the spoon bending, sooth-saying light entertainer hiding in the dark shadows cast by the impenetrable canopy of misinformation onto the windy, uncertain and often deceptive desire-path of truth... (recorded 15 January 2024)

Thanks to robo-Walken for his kind words and patience and as always to Keith for the show notes - give him a follow on bluesky: @peakflow.bsky.social

Again, the news stories in this episode were sourced from the weird and wonderous website https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/ - bookmark it and check it daily.

Hine’s Intro

They Live, “Chew Bubble Gum and Kick Ass” scene; Crazy Yak - YouTube
They Live (film) - Wikipedia
Roddy Piper - Wikipedia
All About Dog Poop - Purina
Christopher Walken - Wikipedia
Imagination is a spectrum – and 1% of people can’t mentally visualise things at all - The Conversation
Aphantasia - Wikipedia
Mental image - Wikipedia
Aidan Wachter’s website
Jason Miller’s website
The Shamanic Journey - Shaman Links
Does Everyone Have an Inner Monologue? - Very Well Mind
Lev Vygotsky, Thinking and Speech - Wikipedia
Subtitled speech: Phenomenology of tickertape synesthesia - Science Direct
Visual imagery vividness declines across the lifespan; Science Direct

January 2023

Russia ‘liquidates’ UFO

Russia Says It Shot Down a UFO - Newsweek
Russia Says It Shot Down a UFO (includes video footage) - Cosmos News, YouTube
What are UAPs, and why do UFOs have a new name? - CBS News

Uri Geller blames aliens for outages

Jan 11, 2023 Tweet by Uri Geller
Uri Geller - Wikipedia
Software maintenance mistake at center of major FAA computer meltdown: Official - ABC News
Meta's social media apps back up after brief outage, Downdetector says - Reuters
Microsoft cloud outage hits users around the world - CNN Business
Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis, by Annie Jacobsen - Goodreads
Andrija Puharich - Wikipedia
Remote viewing - Wikipedia
Why Do Artists Lip Sync? Should It Be Acceptable? - Untapped Sound
Secret CIA Tests Found TV Psychic Uri Geller Really Did Have Special Powers - The Daily Beast
Third Eye Spies, Official Trailer - YouTube
Third Eye Spies (Full Documentary) - YouTube
Hellier Season 1 - Planet Weird TV

Study finds link between poor sleep and paranormal beliefs

Poor Sleep Linked To Paranormal Beliefs Around Aliens, Ghosts, And Demons - IFL Science
The associations between paranormal beliefs and sleep variables - Journal of Sleep Research, Wiley Online Library
Insomnia - Wikipedia
In Our Time (radio series) - Wikipedia
In Our Time podcast episodes - BBC
Dana Scully - Wikipedia
Sleep deprivation -- Wikipedia
Sleep paralysis - Wikipedia
Exploding head syndrome - Wikipedia
Night hag - Wikipedia
Analysis paralysis - Wikipedia
Consensus reality - Wikipedia
Surf culture - Wikipedia

Scientists discover that the Sea Spider can regrow its anus

Sea spiders can regrow their anuses, scientists discover - Live Science
Pycnogonum litorale - Wikipedia
Arthropod - Wikipedia
Arachnid - Wikipedia
Uncovering the Mysteries of Sea Spider Anatomy - Spiders USA

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The Black Air by Jennifer Lane - Goodreads

February 2023

The Great High-Altitude Object Flap

US shoots down suspected Chinese spy balloon over east coast - The Guardian
2023 Chinese balloon incident - Wikipedia
Roswell incident - Wikipedia
Unidentified object shot down over Alaska by US military, White House says - The Guardian
Why the Military Keeps Spotting so Many Unidentified Flying Objects—and Then Shooting Them Down - Time
List of high-altitude object events in 2023 - Wikipedia
Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story by Nick Redfern - Goodreads
Nick Redfern’s blog
Progeria - Wikipedia
What Really Happened at Roswell? - Where Did The Road Go? podcast
Nick Redfern: The Roswell UFO Conspiracy - Somewhere in the Skies podcast
Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs by Mark Pilkington - Goodreads
Encounters: Experiences with Nonhuman Intelligences by D.W. Pasulka - Goodreads
Artificial intelligence - Wikipedia
Zeitgeist - Wikipedia

Man killed by chicken

Man dies from ‘aggressive’ chicken attack causes fatal puncture wounds; Yahoo
‘Litres of blood’: Daughter of man who died after chicken attack breaks silence - The Independent
Man found dead in pool of blood after chicken attack, inquest hears - Irish Examiner

DARPA trials pilotless AI-powered fighter jets

ACE Program’s AI Agents Transition from Simulation to Live Flight - DARPA
The US Air Force Is Moving Fast on AI-Piloted Fighter Jets - Wired
Beyond Automation: How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Aviation - Future Flight
Brace yourselves: AI could co-pilot planes, reveals Emirates Airline president - Interesting Engineering

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The Darkness (band) - Wikipedia

March 2023

Colombian children hospitalised after playing with a Ouija board (again)

28 girls hospitalized with ‘anxiety’ after playing with Ouija board - New York Post
11 children found collapsed in school corridor after playing Ouija board game - Daily Mirror (2022)
Ouija - Wikipedia
Virgin Mary statues - Lostpedia
Occam’s razor - Wikipedia
The Exorcist (film), 1973 - Wikipedia
The Exorcist | 4K Ultra HD Official Trailer; Warner Bros. - YouTube

Cylindrical UFO sighted over Baghdad

Cylindrical UFO detected by thermal imaging drone flying over Baghdad - Curious Cosmos (includes video)
The "Jellyfish UAP" is just a smudge on the IR camera's casing - Reddit (includes arguments for and against)
Floating "Jellyfish" UFO haunted US military base in Iraq for years, says former US Marine intelligence analyst - Daily Mail (includes videos)
Optics, Human eye - Wikipedia
Seeing "Jesus in toast" phenomenon perfectly normal, professor says - Science Daily
Pareidolia - Wikipedia
George Knapp - Wikipedia
Jeremey Corbell - Wikipedia

Calvine UFO photo solved?

UFO investigator claims to have ‘solved’ UK’s biggest X-Files mystery in Scotland - MSN, Daily Record
Secret UFO dossier into 1990 Scottish "spacecraft sighting" sealed for another 50 years - Daily Record
BAE Systems Military Air & Information - Wikipedia
Warton Aerodrome - Wikipedia

Woman has been eating toilet paper every day for 23 years

"It's Like Crack": Chicago Woman Gets Addicted To Eating Toilet Paper Rolls - India Times
Woman has been eating toilet paper every day for 23 years - Unexplained Mysteries
Pica (disorder) - Wikipedia
Matter-Eater Lad - Wikipedia
Magpie - Wikipedia
Michel Lotito - Wikipedia
Harry Crews - Wikipedia
Car: A Novel by Harry Crews - Amazon
Classic Crews: A Harry Crews Reader by Harry Crews - Goodreads
Penny Royal, Season Two, Episode Two: Mystery Machine (James Shelby Downard)
James Shelby Downard - Wikipedia
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus - Wikipedia
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (trailer); Dogwoof - YouTube
Arena: Searching for the One Eyed Jesus - BBC iPlayer
Kesha - Wikipedia
Gag Order (album) - Wikipedia
Gag Order by Kesha
Kesha and the Creepies - Apple Podcast
Alice Cooper - Wikipedia
St Vincent (musician) - Wikipedia
Kelly Osborne - Wikipedia
Mitch Horowitz - Wikipedia
Rick Rubin - Wikipedia

Uri Geller posts more UFO stuff

Uri Geller posts up footage of alleged UFO on Twitter - Unexplained Mysteries
March 29, 2023 Tweet by Uri Geller

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April 2023

Elon Musk starts new AI company

Elon Musk quietly starts X.AI, a new artificial intelligence company to challenge OpenAI - VentureBeat

US Senate Committee holds open hearings on the UFO issue

UFO hearing in Senate: New videos but no hard evidence - EarthSky
Pentagon has "no credible evidence" of aliens or UFOs that defy physics - Space
AARO website
Ontology - Wikipedia

Spanish athlete spends 500 days alone in cave

A Spanish athlete spent 500 days alone in a cave — for science - NPR
Woman spends 500 days alone in a cave – how extreme isolation can alter your sense of time - The Conversation
Circadian rhythm - Wikipedia
Pop out cake - Wikipedia
Social isolation and dementia risk - Alzheimer’s Society
Time anxiety: what it is and how you can deal with it - Clockify
Time out of Joint: Capitalism takes a dysrhythmic toll on nature’s clocks and human lives - Sociological Review

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May 2023

Spherical object of unknown origin intercepted off Hawaii

F-22s Intercepted “Spherical Object” Off Hawaii In Latest Balloon Chase - The Drive

‘Definitive proof‘: Big cats prowl the British countryside

New DNA evidence "confirms" presence of big cats in the UK - Discover Wildlife
British big cats - Wikipedia
Panthera Britannia Declassified (Official Trailer); Dragonfly Films - YouTube
Panthera Britannia streaming: where to watch online? - Just Watch
Joe Exotic (‘The Tiger King’) - Wikipedia

Stanford professor says aliens are ‘100 %’ on earth

Stanford professor says aliens are ‘100 per cent’ on earth, US is ‘reverse-engineering downed UFOs’ - News.com
This Stanford Professor With CIA Ties Says Aliens Are ‘100 Percent’ Already Here - Popular Mechanics
Garry Nolan - Wikipedia
American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology by D.W. Pasulka - Goodreads
Encounters: Experiences with Nonhuman Intelligences by D.W. Pasulka - Goodreads
Sekret Machines: Gods - Volume 1 of Gods, Man, & War by Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda -Goodreads
Communion (1989) - Trailer; The SciFi Spot - YouTube
Luis Elizondo - Wikipeida
Immunology - Wikipedia
Erich von Däniken - Wikipedia
Sinister Forces Book Three: The Manson Secret by Peter Levenda - Goodreads
Whitley Strieber - Wikipedia
Operation Paperclip - Wikipedia
MKUltra - Wikipedia
Prisoner of Infinity: Social Engineering, UFOs, and the Psychology of Fragmentation by Jasun Horsley - Goodreads

FDA approves Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip for human trials

The FDA finally approved Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip for human trials. Have all the concerns been addressed? - The Conversation
The Gruesome Story of How Neuralink’s Monkeys Actually Died - Wired
Elon Musk's claim that no monkey died as a result of Neuralink implants contradicts records that show how the animals experienced brain swelling, paralysis, seizures, and other health effects, letter to SEC alleges - Business Insider
Musk’s Neuralink faces federal inquiry after killing 1,500 animals in testing - The Guardian
Neuralink website

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Prague - Wikipedia
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Enochian - Wikipedia
Allen Greenfield on Twitter

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