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VYS0036 | Infinite Game - Vayse to Face with Joseph Matheny - Show Notes

Some rare art transcends reality, some even rarer art seems to create a new reality altogether - the work of Joseph Matheny does both of these things while embracing the trickster spirit inherent in the magickal traditions in which his work has its roots.

Joseph talks to Hine and Buckley about Ong's Hat, his "living book" project, widely recognised as the first Alternate Reality Game, and how it took on a life of it's own, not only for the people who were playing it but also for the people who created it. The conversation also turns to synchronicity and how his recent work, the Liminal Cycle, seems to generate synchronicity in the lives of those who engage with it, how his work connects so closely to magick, nature and theatre, his experiences in the North Pole and how they affected his writing, the use of magic in political systems and how the internet we know and love (to hate) today retains the legacy of the ritual magicians and DnD enthusiasts who created it... (recorded 7 February 2024)

Thanks to Joseph for his time and thanks, as always, to Keith for the excellent show notes, you can hit him up on on bluesky: @peakflow.bsky.social

Joseph Matheny online

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Hine and Buckley’s Intro

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Joseph’s early background in tech

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Joseph’s epiphany

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Joseph’s ‘living book’ art project

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Magic is theatre; theatre is magic

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Would there be magic without humans?

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Joseph’s thoughts on, and experiences of, synchronicity

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We are nature

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Is the Internet a failed experiment in freedom of expression?

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Santa Barbara, California

Art becoming someone else’s reality

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Psychoactive texts

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Are ideas living things?

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Are there magicians in politics?

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Joseph’s recommendations (with suggestions from Buckley and Hine)

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Vayse online

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Buckley’s Closing Question(s)

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