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VYS0028 | Psychic Jizz - Vayse to Face with Stephanie Quick - Show Notes

Handing on a plate to Hine and Buckley the most potently inspired episode title in Vayse history is teacher, researcher, blogger and "the Julia Child of Sex Magic", Stephanie Quick. In an intense and varied conversation Stephanie takes Vayse through her near death experience, complete with a fall through the starlit sky, disembodied consciousnesses and sky-scraper sized entities, she talks about how to start off your own run of synchronicities and the conversation weaves itself around Carlos Castaneda, Gurdjieff, how to not lose yourself in your spiritual practice or join a cult... and, speaking of cults, enter the glowing orange 16-bit pineapple... Recorded 10 August 2023

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Steph’s blog, Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box

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Introduction Links

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Steph, the West Coast, and the ‘Spiritual Marketplace’ Links

Fresno, California - Wikipedia page

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The Fresno Nightcrawlers - sceptical, humorous

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Spiritual Marketplace: Baby Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion by Wade Clark Roof

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Pick‘n’mix: the 21st Century approach to religious affiliation, Walls Come Tumbling Down blog article

How did Steph find her way into weird stuff? Links

Strangely Enough by C.B. Colby - Goodreads page

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Jersey Devil - Wikipedia page

Near death experience - Wikipedia page

Lidocaine - Wikipedia page

Bardo (liminal state between death and rebirth) - Wikipedia page

Keith's Excellent Detective Work (gods bless you, Keith) - Based on SQ’s mentions of her age now (61) and at later events, I reckon the exhibition she must have gone to was ‘Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet’, held at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, in 1991. There is an exhibition catalogue available. Not sure if it’s worth including, but there’s a link to it here on Abe Books

I couldn’t find anything else specific to that exhibition that wasn’t behind a pay-wall or on a subscription site, but here’s a short video trailer for that museum’s similar exhibitions:

San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Tibetan Buddhist exhibitions

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Steph’s Near Death Experience Links

Coma - Wikipedia page

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Is Consciousness a Fundamental Quality of the Universe? - Sci News article and video

Are we really made of 'star stuff' and what does that even mean? - Space article and video

Steph’s encounter with skyscraper-sized entities and its impact on her spiritual practice - Links

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Synchronicity, the Sandown Clown, and Psychic Jizz - Links

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The Sandown Clown: Exploring Sam, the Isle of Wight’s surreal 1973 encounter, On the Wight article and videos

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