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VYS0029 | If There's Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood - Vayse to Face to Face with Field Lines Cartographer and Bob Freeman: Halloween 2023 - Show Notes

Four middle-aged men bravely join forces to confront ancient evils, spooks, spectres and ghosts - ok, so, Vayse did Ghostbusters last Halloween but instead, this year, Hine and Buckley welcome back master of the liminal soundscape, Field Lines Cartographer and the Occult Detective himself, Bob Freeman to sit around the virtual camp fire as they each tell a ghost story from their home towns.

FLC tells a tale of Warwickshire plague pits and feelings of stalking dread in the dark, Hine recounts a gruesome murder in Preston which led to bloody revenge from beyond the grave, Bob spins a classic American yarn of haunted houses in the deep, dark woods of rural Indiana and Buckley tells of the spirit of a young boy who haunts the picturesque town of Great Corby bringing those who encounter him great fortune followed by certain death.

The conversation also turns to whether ghosts are actually, really all that scary, the differences between ghost stories in the UK and the US, the nature of reality itself (of course, this is Vayse)... and digitally transported flies... (Recorded 10 October 2023)

Thanks again to Keith for the show notes and thanks to everyone for listening - please tell a friend (or benignly neutral acquaintance) and ask them to do the same!

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