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Bringing a much needed calming zen influence to the Vayse Institute of Over Thinking and Catastrophic Worry, Hine and Buckley welcome therapist and former Tibetan Buddhist monk, Roger Jayamanne to the podcast. Roger leads Hine and Buckley through a quest which is thousands of years and many life cycles old as they discuss his life within the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and what it actually teaches: was the Buddha a real person? Is life just sorrow and suffering? What is the Tao?... and he divulges some of the weirder, reality-defying experiences he has had on his travels including mind reading, a monk's arm stretching to six feet long and a lama summoning a parliament of owls as a spiritual escort to Edinburgh Airport... (recorded 13 November 2023)

Thanks to Roger for putting up with our frenzied anxiety and thanks as always to Keith for the show notes.

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