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VYS0027 | Batchelor of Dark Arts - Vayse to Face with Douglas Batchelor Pt. 2 - Show Notes

This is the second part of a two part interview - if you haven't yet listened to the first part, give it a listen before you dive into part two.

*You can find part one here: *

VYS0026 | It's a Wand-erful Life - Vayse to Face with Douglas Batchelor Pt. 1

Thanks to Doug for making it through 3 hours of Vayse interrogation and thanks as always to Keith for the show notes!

In the second part of Hine and Buckley's interview with the indefatigable Douglas Batchelor, creator and host of the luminous What Magic is This? podcast, the dark side is calling. Having explored his guiding principle of positivity and kindness in the previous episode he now explains how his thoughts, philosophies and understanding of magic play out when applied to the spookier side: Hexes, curses, love spells, necromancy, black magic and the left-hand path. Doug also answers some weird questions about ancestor veneration, synchronicity, what books are currently inspiring him and which deadly non-human-entity may be the one that eventually ends each and every one of us... (Recorded 3 August 2023)

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VYS0026 | It's a Wand-erful Life - Vayse to Face with Douglas Batchelor Pt. 1

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