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VYS0033 | Battle-Owl vs Sci-fi Centipede - Vayse to Face with Loren Fetterman - Show Notes

In this episode artist, illustrator, esoteric free-thinker and Hine's tattoo-artist of choice, Loren Fetterman, completely blows Hine and Buckley's minds in a mushroom cloud of psychedelics, synchro-mysticism and inner astrology. Loren gives Hine and Buckley a whirlwind tour of his unique, self-styled brand of magick, detailing how he brings back and integrates life-changing ideas from this trips, how he invented a mirror point calendar system and bone watch to track his own personal symmetry, how he uses insight meditation to understand the recurring fractal cycles and patterns which form his life and wider reality and how he summoned a Battle-Owl to defeat an attacking Sci-fi Centipede formed entirely from his baby photos... (recorded 13 December 2023)

Thanks to Loren for being so generous with his time and insights and thanks, as always to Keith for impressive work on the show notes - give Keith a follow on bluesky: @peakflow.bsky.social

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Hine’s Intro

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Where is Loren from, and what was the point at which he realised that there was more to life, and reality, and consciousness, than is described in consensus reality?

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What is the link between imagination, creativity, and reality, and can imagination and creativity be used to manipulate reality?

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How have Loren’s first-hand experiences influenced the way in which his personal practice has developed?

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How to develop a practice in Loren’s self-guided style

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What are the patterns of life and time, and where do they come from?

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Loren’s devices: The Timepiece and the Calendar

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Time travel, timeloops, and Loren’s day-to-day relationship with time

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Loren’s initiatory mega-trip

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What is insight meditation, and how can someone start their own practice?

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Loren’s recommendations

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram - Goodreads
A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield - Goodreads
How to Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner - Goodreads
Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism by Valentin Tomberg - Goodreads
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Buckley’s closing question

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