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VYS0019 – It’s a Very, Very Mad World: Donnie Darko – Show Notes

In December 2002 Hine and Buckley met at the Dukes Cinema in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK, for what become one of their most cherished movie-going experiences - to watch an independent film which had already gathered a cult following: Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is a divisive film popular opinion swings between it being a poignant and magical modern classic to it being amateurish, film school bullshit with an inexplicably great cast (and soundtrack!!!). In this feature length episode (an entire swaggering minute longer than the run-time of the theatrical cut itself!) Hine and Buckley drill down deep into why the film still means so much to them almost 21 years later, what Richard Kelly actually intended the film to mean, why it's actually a '90s masterpiece (despite not being set, made or released in the '90s) and what the "S" in "S. Darko" might stand for... Recorded 16 March 2023.

Warning: Extreme Spoilers For Donnie Darko Follow

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Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut
Lancaster, Lancashire, UK
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Twin Peaks the Return
Donnie Darko Website - This is not the original Donnie Darko Website, the original used Flash player which is no longer supported by most browsers but can still be found here)
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The Destructors by Graham Greene - and remember: that old man could be you in a few years...
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Back to the Future Part II - Doc Explains a time-travel-paradox
Independence Day Trailer - the trailer starts with more Tears for Fears
Battlestar Galactica Trailer - Legitimately one of the best TV series ever made (according to Vayse), it's weird that we haven't mentioned it sooner
Campbellian Story Structure
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Michael Andrew’s Soundtrack to the Donnie Darko
Life and Death from Lost by Michael Giacchino
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Guardian Article about the mental health crisis of the late '80s and '90s told with a focus on Prozac - a connection that Hine didn't make at the time of recording was that Prozac was launched in the US in 1988, the year in which Donnie Darko is set...
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Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious by Eric Wargo
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale: Volume Five Of The Collected Stories by Philip K Dick
The fate of Jim Cunningham revealed and other extraneous Donnie Darko trivia from the mind of Richard Kelly