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Darragh Mason is a podcasting hero to Hine and Buckley, he's the host of the truly excellent, award-nominated Spirit Box podcast but he's also an multi-award-winning photographer, a researcher specialising in the Djinn and the Aghori Hindu sect and the co-creator of the wonderful Sigil Engine. Darragh's latest project (one of many) is his up-coming book "Song of the Dark Man, Father of Witches" and this episode takes a deep and, at times, emotionally charged dive into the mysterious figure of the Dark Man, his prolific but largely unrecognised role in initiation into the world of witchcraft, his infrequent but significant appearances throughout folklore and his apparent ascent in the psychic aftermath of the pandemic... recorded 2 May 2023.

VYS0021 | Song of the Dark Man - Vayse to Face with Darragh Mason - Show Notes

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