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SideVayse: SVYS003 | Anglezarke - Show Notes

In VYS0018, Hine and Buckley interviewed author and researcher Kathryn J Preston about her book, the 'LaManChe Zodiac" in which she described a terrestrial zodiac spanning three counties in the north of England. At the heart of this zodiac is Round Loaf, a man-made Neolithic mound constructed millennia ago on the stark moorlands of Anglezarke. According to Kathryn Preston's book, Ley Lines radiate from the mound into the surrounding country and Anglezarke has become a hot spot for UFOs, sightings of cryptids and other high strangeness. In this SideVayse, friend of the show Ric Bennett, a life-long resident of the area, recounts some of his own strange encounters and takes Hine and Buckley on a guided tour of this weird and uncompromising landscape. Recorded 6 May 2023.

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