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VYS0037 | Elvis with a Flaming Sword - Vayse to Face with AP Strange - Show Notes

In this episode Vayse welcomes AP Strange, a writer, researcher and blogger with a near encyclopaedic knowledge of all things weird and a wicked sense of humour to go with it. Hine and Buckley shake down AP's voluminous brain on a wide range of bizarre topics and greedily feast on the nuggets of information that fall out, including the answers to such questions as: What were the entities that revealed the future to AP as a child and why did he liken them to Mikey Mouse's gloves? Did AP take a ghost for a spin in his Mustang and what was revealed when he got a tarot reading from this suspected phantom? Why is a sense of humour essential to an open mind and what happens if you don't embrace that? How can we learn to receive messages from the cosmos and allow a little more Strange into our lives? How and why do people so often ignore their own experiences of High Strangeness and should more of us be open to accepting the King of Rock 'n' Roll's Flaming Sword...? (Recorded 18 February 2024)

Thanks to AP for generously giving us time from his busy Sunday morning and thanks as always to Keith for his valiant and tireless work on the ever increasing show notes, give the man a follow: @peakflow.bsky.social

AP Strange online

Holy Donut Revival Hour - YouTube channel
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AP’s blog posts referenced in the episode

My Personal Experience with the Phenomenon, Which I've told on Podcasts Too Many Times
Emanations From the Clown Realm - Legend Tripping, Hilarious Magic, and Synchronicity
The Journey of the Fool
From Brooklyn to Neptune: The Bugs Bunny / UFO Connection!
Elvis by the Numbers or: The King and the Tower of Death
The Paradox of Credibility When Confronting the Incredible
The Spooky Side of Disclosure
Wight Magic and the Sandown Ghost Clown
Star-cross'd Lovers
Dispatches From Jerry's Impossible Hallway

Hine’s Intro

Ultraviolet (radiation) - Wikipedia
Carbonic Acid - Wikipedia
Dihydrogen monoxide parody - Wikipedia
Trellis (architecture) - Wikipedia
Gremlins 2: Secretary - "Coffee" - YouTube
Paranormality magazine
HighStrange magazine
SJ Brick on Twitter
HDRH 6.0: Secrets of the Real Black Lodge Revealed with Allen Greenfield - Part One
HDRH 6.5: Secrets of the Real Black Lodge Revealed with Allen Greenfield! Part Two
Some Other Sphere podcast
Strange Familiars podcast
Project Archivist podcast
Our Strange Skies podcast
Where Did The Road Go? podcast

AP’s personal experience with the phenomenon, which he’s told on podcasts too many times

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McDonald’s - Wikipedia
My Personal Experience with the Phenomenon, Which I've told on Podcasts Too Many Times - AP Strange
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Sam, The Sandown Ghost Clown

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151: Clowning Around with Stephanie Quick & AP Strange (Sam, the Sandown Clown) - Our Strange Skies podcast
Bufora Journal Vol 6, No 5, Jan/Feb 1978 - Bufora.org
Note: The article which contains the Sandown Clown report starts on page 9.
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Emanations From the Clown Realm - Legend Tripping, Hilarious Magic, and Synchronicity - AP Strange blog post
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What is high strangeness?

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Synchronicity - Wikipedia
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Jaime Maussan - Wikipedia

Liminality, anti-structure, and reckless wizards

VYS0036 | Infinite Game - Vayse to Face with Joseph Matheny
Alternate reality game (ARG) - Wikipedia
Consensus reality - Wikipedia
The Trickster and the Paranormal by George P Hansen - Goodreads
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Shamans among us, and the disappearing tarot reader

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Parallel universes, alternative lives, and the simulation hypothesis

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Bit - Wikipedia
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VYS0034 | The Weird Review of the Year 2023 Pt.1
The Weird Review of the Year 2023 Pt.2
Video-game - Wikipedia
Wave function - Wikipedia
Quantum non-locality - Wikipedia
Selective rendering: Computing only what you see - Research Gate

Messages from the Cosmos

Western esotericism - Wikipedia
Mysticism - Wikipedia
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Ram Dass - Wikipedia
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Be Here Now by Ram Dass - Goodreads
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Gnosis - Wikipedia
Talk Gnosis - Free Illuminism, Memphis Misraim, & Hidden Realms w/Dr. Allen Greenfield - YouTube
Empty Your Cup: Why Unlearning Is Vital for Success - Psychology Today
Stephanie Quick’s blog

Humour in occultism, forgetting weird experiences, and generating synchronicities

From Brooklyn to Neptune: The Bugs Bunny / UFO Connection! - AP Strange
Elvis by the Numbers or: The King and the Tower of Death - AP Strange
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How To Induce Synchronicities - Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box (Steph Quick)
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AP’s spiritual beliefs

Ontology - Wikipedia
Discordianism - Wikipedia
Buddhism - Wikipedia
Taoism (Daoism) - Wikipedia
Vedas - Wikipedia
Hinduism - Wikipedia
Transcendental Meditation - Wikipedia
Witchcraft - Wikipedia
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AP’s take on the whole disclosure thing

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The Paradox of Credibility When Confronting the Incredible - AP Strange
The Spooky Side of Disclosure - AP Strange
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Return of the Sandown Ghost Clown

Wight Magic and the Sandown Ghost Clown - AP Strange
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Black Widow - Come To The Sabbat (1972) - YouTube
In 1926, Houdini Spent 4 Days Shaming Congress for Being in Thrall to Fortune-Tellers - Atlas Obscura

Finding weirdness in the mundane

Star-cross'd Lovers - AP Strange
Dispatches From Jerry's Impossible Hallway - AP Strange
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AP’s recommendations

The Mixed-Up Masters of Early Animation - The New Yorker
Surrealism - Wikipedia
Un Chien Andalou - Wikipedia
TRIGGER WARNING - Un Chien Andalou - Full Movie - YouTube
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Buckley’s closing story

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The Pond Square Chicken, Highgate - Mysterious Britain
The Bizarre, True Story of Gef the Talking Mongoose - Atlas Obscura
Francis Bacon - Wikipedia
Salmonella - Wikipedia

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