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VYS0011 - Show Notes

In the second part of this two part interview with legendary Occultist and UFOlogist Dr Allen H Greenfield, Hine and Buckley go deep asking questions about: the Black Lodge, the Babalon Working, Hellier and the collapse of Western Civilisation. Allen also recounts unnerving tales of the UFOlogists who died too young and the dangers of research in the field... so, don't try this at home... Recorded 13 November 2022

As mentioned in the pre-amble to this episode, after the technical difficulties we experienced during the recording of this interview we have completely overhauled our recording software which we were able to do because of listeners buying the Vayse soundtrack by Polypores. 100% of the proceeds from the album are put back into the podcast. So, if you enjoy the music featured in the podcast, or if you just want to throw us some cash to keep the lights on, you can download "Music From Vayse - Volume 1" here on our bandcamp

Dr Allen H Greenfield's books
The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts
The Grail Within: The True Quest for the Holy Grail and the Western Sex Magick Tradition
Saucers and Saucerers
The Roots of Modern Magic: Glimpses of the Authentic Tradition from 1700 - 2000

Dr Allen H Greenfield links

Twitter - Stay on top of all things Allen Greenfield
Secret Cipher Calculator (Liber AL vel Legis) - Grab a copy of the book (above), try some Cipher calculations of your own and then get out into the field!
Hellier - I don't believe that anyone has found their way here without watching it, but if you haven't - do that now!

Other links

The Episode of his podcast, the Paranoia Podcast, in which Olav Philips suggests that Terry R Wriste could possibly be an Ascended Master

Local newspaper article looking back on the Todmorden UFO and the mysterious death of Zigmund Adamski

The Canadian case – “The Falcon Lake Incident”

The Brazilian Case - The Lead Masks Case

Twin Peaks - Hawk explains the Black Lodge to Cooper

Article about the death of Ron Bonds

Death of Jim Keith

Frank Edwards' Wikipedia entry

Flying Saucers - Serious Business by Franks Edwards

Article about how John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day

Penny Royal - essential podcast listening

The Re-birth of Pan by Jim Brandon - this book is referenced in both Hellier and Penny Royal BUT if you've watched Hellier and Penny Royal, you'll know that Jim Brandon is the nom de plume of William Grimstead - white supremacist, Holocaust denier, associate of David Duke and all-round piece of shit. Greg Newkirk puts it best himself.

Something in the Dirt - Excellent new film by Benson and Moorhead - if you enjoyed Hellier, there's a very good chance you'll enjoy this too.

Lullaby - Upcoming horror movie written by Allen's son, Alex Greenfield.

A Dark Song - Horror movie about the Abramelin ritual.

See Richard Gere as John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies