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VYS0024 | Between Being Real and Not Real - Vayse to Face with Nathan Paul Isaac - Show Notes

Barely able to contain their excitement, Hine and Buckley welcome to Vayse the one and only Nathan Paul Isaac, creator of the essential chronicle of high strangeness in Somerset, Kentucky, the Penny Royal podcast. Penny Royal has been a huge influence on Vayse, and Hine and Buckley geek out as the conversation goes deep, wide and weird - from discussion of Penny-Royal-favourite topics such as cybernetics and synchronicity to pondering Hansen's trickster and theories on the nature of elementals and non-human intelligence by way of terrifying stories of faceless dream entities and a firm consensus on the importance of maintaining a healthy hatred of Nazis... and to sweeten the deal even more, Nathan drops a few breadcrumbs as to what kind of weird stuff to expect from Penny Royal season 3... Recorded 6 July 2023

Thanks again to Keith for the show notes - again, we couldn't have have got this episode out on time without his help. We appreciate it!

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