Paul Weston is the author of Mysterium Artorius, Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus, Avalonian Aeon, The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy, Glastonbury Psychogeography, The Michael Line, the Qabalah, and the Tarot, Atargatis, William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis, The Occult Battle of Britain, History and Myth, and Glastonia Aegyptiacus. He also published and contributed to the anthology Signs and Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Having majored in Comparative Religion for a Combined Arts degree, Paul went on to work for the Scientology-influenced Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology. He eventually became completely absorbed into the Glastonbury matrix and was fortunate to be closely involved in the Psychic Questing work of Andrew Collins.

A frequent lecturer whose presentations are increasingly uploaded onto You Tube, his other main influences and inspirations include Colin Wilson, Dion Fortune, Reiki, Mother Meera, the Fellowship of Isis, Adi Da, John Cowper Powys, Osho, Psychogeography, Gurdjieff, Anthony Robbins, and UFOlogy.

Paul Weston has been a guest on 1 episode.