Kathryn was born in Hampshire in the late 1940’s. During the 1960’s and 70’s she spent time in the Army where she became a military maps expert. During that time she experienced a UFO sighting in 1968. After leaving the Army, she became a member of the Preston Society for Psychical Research where she became interested in the link between Ley Lines and the UFO phenomenon. While searching for Ley Lines, marking Ley Points on a map, it became clear that the points marked in the Bolton area mirrored the stars of the constellation of Leo. She then found the star positions of all twelve zodiac constellations, in the correct order, stretching across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire. She also discovered the outlines of the figures representing the zodiac constellations. Recently, Kathryn wrote and self published a book about the terrestrial zodiac entitled The Lamanche Zodiac. This book describes the zodiac, the Ley Lines and the external figures associated with it. It also describes the other terrestrial zodiacs in England and Wales and attempts to explain when they were built, by whom and when

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